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Apocalypse: My Domain System Author:MrKraguz Sort: urban 296 reading
Kiyo, a seemingly average man, finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world where he is betrayed and left for dead by three associates. After being killed by beasts, he wakes up in his bed covered in cold sweat, confused and angry. He realizes that he has somehow regressed back in time to before the apocalypse. He breaks up with his girlfriend Yumi, who was among the three who betrayed him, and begins preparations for the impending apocalypse. He withdraws all his savings and his late father's inheritance, amounting to $2,000,000. Suddenly, a mechanical screen appears in front of him and an Onyx black ring he had obtained five years prior loses its shine. The screen, part of the Apocalyptic Domain System, was created by a progenitor to guide and empower Kiyo to create a paradise and save as many humans as possible from the impending apocalypse.