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Apocalypse: My Domain System Chapter 7: Empowerment!

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The week went by fast, and soon Kiyo, Yuno, and Vin had gelled easily into a close-knit unit within the loose confederation that passed for the haphazard group of survivors. Vin was not related to the other two at a blood level; however, his friendly nature and easygoing persona saw him become the binding factor, creating a rapport and togetherness between the trio.

Each day that came seemed to bring more experiences and new challenges, though there remained a trio's shared resolution and Vin's warm presence, which seemed to continue to fortify the roots of that developing, makeshift family against adversity.

Kiyo has also taken a lot of time to go in-depth to have a better understanding of functionalities in the system in order to be able to be more conversant in operations. His unrelenting efforts have opened a wide spectrum of features that include the exploration of the system mall, strengthening their sheltered domain, upgrading key skills, and unearthing the full extent of 'Vilume's capabilities.

Kiyo found various opportunities in the system to enhance the natural ability and statistics of the existing ones and also to increase the base of his domain, where they do take shelter, with hard study and a careful utilization of time. The search had expanded his knowledge but had equally armed him with tools and insights to effectively navigate its intrigues.

Current timeline:<

/strong> June 1, 2023

At an extremely narrow path, just enough for the passage of a person, gritty remains from destruction are under the feet next to the dead bodies, who were left behind to witness the chaos that ensued, without words. The dark, gloomy pall of the night seems to enshroud the whole scene, where no evidence nor mark of mortal man can be found; nothing but the creepy sense of a deathly, weighted atmosphere that seems to curdle the very soul of him who dared enter the forbidding, desolate place.

Quiet and stealthy, the trio moved forth down the winding path, their hooded robes hiding them in shadows, defeating every beast in their way that was so unlucky as to cross their path. But none of the lowly Tier 1 or more powerful Tier 2 creatures could stand in their way as the mysterious figures moved forth with an enigmatic power, leaving a row of defeated adversaries in their trail.

They moved as a unit down the twisted, dark path, deftly grabbing the twinkling Z-crystals imbedded in the corpses of the zombies they were dispatching on their way. The creature had been killed so many times in quick succession now that all three had become nearly expert in the action of speedily removing the high-value stones, so the actions of all three nearly moved in a dance as all worked together to gather all of the high-value stones. The narrow path seemed endless, but they moved on undeterred, never changing their determination, fixed in their minds of reaching the goal and amassing plenty of bountiful crystals to help them in their quest.

Soon enough, the group arrived at a towering black-hued wall standing with might in the midst of the chaos surrounding it. Its metallic luster disappeared as it blend with the darkness of the night.

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