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Apocalypse: My Domain System Chapter 8: Former Comrade

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In the desolate and eerily quiet streets of the now unrecognizable West Sun City, the trio wanders through the rubble and remnants with a mix of trepidation and curiosity, their hearts heavy with the weight of lost memories and shattered dreams, but clinging to a sliver of hope that in the midst of the ruins they could discover some traces of the bygone era when bustling streets and vibrant life filled the once-thriving civilization that now lies in ruins filled with beasts and zombies.

Then, in less than a heartbeat, the tranquil moment shared by the trio was shattered by the unmistakable boom in the air of gunshots fired at a distance. They moved with great alacrity, making their way to the source of the sound and bypassing and taking down all the undead that crossed their path without picking up the Z-crystal from their fallen enemies.

When the scene before them altered to the nightmarish horror of chaos in battle, with soldiers' faces twisted in grimaces of determination, a horrid monstrous wolf-like creature of gigantic size above them, a bestial form the size of an elephant, great booms and bangs of guns and explosives almost without cease, then the bellowing of combat exploded with the howls of the beast into the ruins of the war-torn land around, for the soldiers fought for their very lives.

As the monster let out a deafening roar, the soldiers stood frozen with fear, as if under the effect of a game-like skill. This was just one of the terrifying powers possessed by the monstrous creature.

In a matter of seconds, the group of soldiers was decimated by a swift swipe of the monster's claw, leaving only one survivor who cowered behind the armored truck in sheer terror.

The fear-stricken face of the soldier lit up in surprise as he saw a figure swinging down its blade on the creature, swiftly slashing at its neck.

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