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Daughter of Death - A Necromantic LitRPG

Daughter of Death - A Necromantic LitRPG

Daughter of Death - A Necromantic LitRPG

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    Daughter of Death - A Necromantic LitRPG
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06-12 09:42:00

A villain rises from the ashes of a miracle.

Lieze Sokalar is the daughter of the world's most fearsome warlord--a Lich hellbent on bringing the world to its knees using his undead armies. Despite her heritage, however, Lieze struggles with even the most basic aspects of corpse-raising, making her the laughingstock of the Order of Necromancers.

Tormented by her ineptitude, Lieze can only rely on wisdom to ensure her survival as she accompanies her father on a crusade to dominate the holdings of mankind. However, a series of events are about to unfold that will forever change the trajectory of her life, and inadvertently grant her the chance she's always been waiting for.

Manipulation, skulduggery, and necromancy; betrayals, dark secrets, and overwhelming odds--these are the trials which await our intrepid villainess on her dark ascension towards the heights of absolute power.

What to expect:

- An unapologetically villainous protagonist who makes use of strategy and wit just as often as she does the system.

- A system that starts off weak, but eventually becomes more powerful.

- A slow rise to power against seemingly impossible odds.

- Antagonists with noble ideals and realistic flaws.

What not to expect:

- A villain protagonist who makes decisions purely for the sake of being evil.

- A physically powerful protagonist.

- Romance.