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Forsaken Memories

Forsaken Memories

Forsaken Memories

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In a world full of miseries, mistrust, and suffering which was once the birthplace of peace had now perished and had set out a distinct view for the future life.

During the tensha era, a mysterious rock approached Earth at an outstanding speed , upon impact with it's atmosphere it dispersed into 10 different pieces of rubble racing towards the surface of the Earth. All of them lost their origin point and chose another path to fall on.

They fell on the Earth with a huge impact and upon it's breaking revealed crystals with vibrant colour and glow. Those individual crystal absorbed themselves in the ground and blessed the people living at a certain radius with supernatural feats. To the people it was a gift of god to revive humanity but to some was a curse to perish mankind.

Each crystal gave its own corresponding power to the people who lived there. Hence Clans were formed with the ones stronger than other towering above them and due to these rivalries and alliances were formed to over through each other.

But when the jealousy of the minors grew they joined many forces to defeat the superior and it was their luck that a catastrophic event took place that changed the outcome of the battle.