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I'm the villain, so what Chapter 1

Author:Moon Jaein Category:urban Update time:2024-06-11 09:29:52

Matt sighed for the uptenth time, grabbing a sanitizer on a nearby shelf as he disinfected his hand again.He just finished the most popular role playing game, Burning Desire.It is about a young prince whose goal is to obtain everything in the world while along the way he met the other interests and they waged war to the other kingdoms with the same goal of defeating the Villain.

rCliche as it is, no one could blame you because it was truly cringe.And if you are looking for the heroine, then there is no heroine...every character can be the love partner of the male interest(s); so basically it can be a straight romance, a no-romance , or even a boy's love romance.

rSome girls went to bl mode though.

rMatt already read the backstories of each characters even those mob ones and also the Villain's.


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