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I'm the villain, so what The Jester

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It's been minutes or hours even but the two long time friends still hadn't quit telling each other tales and stories of their journey and Sejin had finished his bread not too long ago either.

r'And now I'm bored...'

rThrough the see through glass of the store, he saw families walking by with joyful smiles on their faces. Some were holding boxes of cakes, there must be a birthday going on, and some were buying gifts, maybe for their loved ones.

rAnd his parents, Sejin's parents— the original Sejin— hadn't bought anything for him ever since Kalev came to the world. He remembered reading a paragraph containing all the supposed villain's sorrows and agony.

rThe emptiness and loneliness of his years.

rAnd the only one who showed him sympathy and love were the Ice god and Kastein, the son of his father's right hand man or in other words— The chivalrous Commander of the first Royal order of knights.

rKastein was one of his favorite characters in the game. He did what the others didn't do with Sejin: he showed him the real prowess inside him, he showed him love and sincerity but he died during the intense battle between him and his father.

r'He protected sejin until the end of his breath'

rHe was a cannon fodder if we based it in the game.

rThen in my line of sight, I saw a man sitting on a chair just outside a marvelous manor, he was approached by young ladies but a gentle wave of his hand sent them all away blushing when he took the time to spare them a glance.


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