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Miss Beautiful C.E.O and her system

Miss Beautiful C.E.O and her system

Miss Beautiful C.E.O and her system

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Transmigrated as a beautiful CEO, everything is within reach of her hands.

Wealth, Power, and Influence. And she also possesses the system.

Starting point high with all the helps from the universe, what could go wrong?

What?! She is in a world similar to the combination of novels.

What! The most hated sadomasochistic-SM-CEO and his wife, novel theme, and her half-sister was a heroine. Side characters never ever had a good time as the world revolves around them. Our CEO knows this and her worries increase.

What?! Another novel theme shows up in this world and it's a stallion one.

Messed up and you still tell me...

Heaven! That's not all, she is supposed to be a member of the harem of the male protagonist.

****! our CEO shoves a middle finger at the world and strangles the system.

What in the world have you brought me here for?

Companions, enemies, connections, and successes are all meant for her to walk through.

Each step, every struggle will be her monument.

Rising to the top of the pyramid, overlooking from above, everything within her grasp.

Prove to the world, a woman can hold up half the sky.

First, Let me find a way to divorce this engagement with Lin Fan.

Former Title: My system helps me become a cold, beautiful, elegant C.E.O