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In the year 2300, some scientists from Helios world finally found the way to travel faster then light. when this news spread wide and far, all the human on this planet started celebrating because finally they can explore the stars.

During one of the test flight, they accidentally opened a different dimension. which brought Helios world to the ruin. even after many research and experiments they couldn't figure out the reason. can only watch as the humanity lost 50% of its population in the blink of an eye.

but the appearance of a person brought a new hope for them , who could control fire like in the movies and novels. after certain period of experiments they come to conclusions that , when the air( virus\/ different energy\/ mana) from the different dimension leaked. it didn't only brought ruin to our world but it is also brought something magical.

since then humanity took a different turn and started welcoming supernatural being who has the power to destroy a city with bare hands.

this changes not only happened with the humans but the beast and plants aswell.

Ethan our protagonist however was unfortunate and didn't awakened any superpower. making him a losser in the area he lived in.

but one day ethan went to forest in anger and tried to hunt beast but unfortunately he had to run away with a grave injury. on the verge of dying ethen got a system which saved his life. but ethen was not happy because it was the weakest system in history.

Ethan: if you think, my system is really the weakest then it's your loss.

( hello readers, if you want to read this book just persist until the 30 chapter and if you don't like the book even after that than I can only say sorry And if you like my book for it's story and then pls leave a honest review. no matter how your review is. i will appreciate it very much.)