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The Grand Marshal Where Am I?

Author:DragonRiderOfHell Category:urban Update time:2024-06-11 09:29:02

Gasping and wheezing, the world seemed so silent, as the figure of a man could be seen trying to breathe. Covering him, from head to foot was a type of metal armour. His knees slowly sunk into the damp muddy earth, with his hands sinking in a similar fashion as he desperately tried to breathe.

The man in question could only feel a sharp fear and a large sense of confusion. 

Spluttering as he coughed, bringing his mud caked hand to his face, he was able to yank off the helmet that he wore for some weird reason and threw it off to the side. The metal helm, clattering to the ground as it collided with a myriad of objects that were cluttering the ground around him. Not that any of this had been noticed yet by him though.

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